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Uniworld is professional manufacturer in the telecommunications field . Since our establishment in 1986 , we have been determined to develop our own brand of products and to occupy a strong position in the communications world market. Therefore , based on our experienced and professional engineering group and equipment of the highest technology , we have build a full series of telecommunication products to make communication easier for people all over the world.

We spend over twenty percent of our total sales revenue in research and development of new products. We recognize that only by utilizing the most powerful software designs and the most creative concepts can we transform Uniworld into a TOP-FLYER in the competitive telecommunications field. We are quite proud of our quality of control procedures. Our quality guarantee is absolute at the assembly line. We not only demand the highest quality products , but also pursue works of artistic style. Because we stand with confidence behind every product we manufacture , Uniworld is a captain in the telecommunications field.

Uniworld is a well-established and reliable international company. We accept any trade form for the convenience of our buyers. We recognize that customer orientation is our first priority. We offer the most efficient and best quality in production to let you get m
-ore from us. We will continue into the twenty- first century to do our best in developing the conveniences that make this world well-connected.

Our powerful Research and Development department know how to support our innovative style.

Our quality is guaranteed to be both state-of-the-art and highly artistic

Our role in the communications world is of the utmost importance to us.